Computer Setup & Services

We can fix any type of PC, no matter in what condition you bring it. And we'll do it according to the standardity of computer of hardware. We have hardware specialists to do these tough tasks.

Computer Service

Appliance Delivery

Appliance Delivery

IT Park provides several options to meet your needs. Keep in mind that if you request delivery, your appliance will be delivered only; it will not be installed. Whether you choose delivery or installation will depend on how much help you need with connection and installation of your new appliance. Contact us for appliance questions and installation. We will also recycle the old appliance that is being replaced. Please disconnect and drain your old appliance prior to the team's arrival. We will also: Connect your freestanding appliance to existing services (excludes gas appliances in some areas). Test product operation if it is at room temperature. Level it, if required by the manufacturer. Install any manufacturer-supplied safety hardware, such as anti-tip brackets. Installation Installation can be ordered for an extra fee. This is the perfect solution for those that don't have the time or tools to install their new built-in appliance.

Network Services

We have a team more than 20 networking specialists, Domain experts and well trained engineers.

10 years of service Maturity to handle large accounts and service growing SMB segment.

Deep understanding of leading edge Networking technologies to bring value to your enterprise.

Network Service

Virus, MalWare removal

Virus Removal

Your computer canbe infected with dangerous Virus or Malware. We can help you by installing Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs for reasonable cost. Just let our computer specialists handle the Virus or Spyware removal and save your computer from crashing. We use state of the art tools to remove all kinds of dangerous viruses, like Trojan, that without your knowledge can creep up and crawl in your PC’s stealing your passwords and monitor your activities. We provide free anti-virus software tools to maintain and guard your PC’s. Bring your laptop or PC and we will ensure our technicians remove the viruses and disinfect your computer.